Devon's Collection of Assorted Projects



A long-lost project I finally got around to (starting again from scratch and) finishing, ten years later.


The main goal of this project was to build a clock which used nixie tubes to display the time. I wanted to keep it simple since it was my final year of university at the time. I came up with the following design criteria:

  • The clock must keep time reliably.
  • It should use four nixie tubes.
  • I should use parts I already have whenever possible.
  • The circuit board should be affordable to get manufactured.


Successfully running the clock for the first time.

I designed the clock around an old Atmel ATtiny microcontroller I had sitting around, a 555 timer based high voltage supply for the nixie tubes, and four nixie tubes from eBay. The details are on the hardware and software pages for those interested.

After finishing the design, I ordered the PCBs from an online board fabrication house, and assembled it all on a free weekend. All that remains now is to find or build an enclosure...